W H A T ‘ S • O N • I N • B E N D I G O

?What: Bendigo Symphony Orchestra

? When: August 5th 2018 2:30 – 4:30pm

? Where: St Paul’s, Bendigo

About: As part of Regional Centre for Culture 2018, the Bendigo Symphony Orchestra (the BSO) will present a three-concert tour, taking in Heathcote – 24 June, Elmore – 29 July and Bendigo 5 August.
In Heathcote the orchestra will be joined by soloist Derek Jones to perform the Mozart flute concerto in D.  Derek was born and grew up in Bendigo before embarking on a career that has included principal positions with the Sydney and Tasmanian Symphony Orchestras, the Australian Philharmonic Orchestra, Orchestra Victoria. Derek has continued a solo career performing recitals and concertos across four continents including Europe, Nth America, Asia and Australia.  He is now Head of Woodwind at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, University of Melbourne and has been a guest teacher across eight countries, including the at Paris Conservatoire.
For the orchestra’s Elmore performance, the soloist will be the BSO’s principal horn, Cathy Moore. Cathy has chosen Gordon Jacob’s concerto for horn and strings. This work was written in in 1951 for soloist Dennis Brain – one of the great horn players of the 20th century.
After the Heathcote and Elmore performances both Derek and Cathy will be included in the performance at St Paul’s, Bendigo.
With the support of Creative Victoria, the orchestra has commissioned David Chisholm to write a new work for this tour. David is an internationally recognised composer and the founder and artistic director of BIFEM (the Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music). Since moving to Bendigo in 2013 David has been a keen supporter of the BSO and this work: “…and I am but an echo” is a continuation of this relationship. Over many weeks David has worked with the orchestra, including a group of sting soloists, to craft a delicate – shimmering – work.
As the finale for this programme the orchestra is delighted to perform Joseph Haydn’s Symphony 104, the ‘London’ Symphony. This work was Haydn’s last symphony and written when he was at the height of his fame. In his ten years with the BSO, the music director (and conductor for this tour) Rohan Phillips has developed an affinity for Haydn’s Symphonies: “I recall someone talking about Haydn’s great ‘humanity’ – and I think this this is what draws me to his work. There is humour and subtlety in the writing, but especially affection for his musicians that gives this work its emotional centre.”

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