Guide to Renting

Rental lists

Our rental lists are constantly updated and available online through this site, in our office or on major web portals.

View the property

First, we advise you to have look at the property before inspecting.  To make a time to view, please contact our office by email or phone and we will arrange a viewing for you.

At the inspection

Make yourself known to the property manager, you need to be punctual considering the property manager has many other appointments during the day. 

Application form

Make sure your form is filled out correctly and neatly, each person over 16yrs occupying the property has to fill out an application form.

The application form requires your details including current and previous addresses, references on your rental history, employment history and any relevant from other parties (excluding family).

Have all appropriate areas signed (particularly the privacy provisions); you will need 100pts of identification when handing in your application.

Application forms are available at inspections, in our office or here under the rent tab.

Privacy Act

Information collected from our office is to be used for the purpose of letting property.  This information is kept in our office and is only disclosed to property owners and relevant referees and is not used by any third parties.


After submitting your application it can take up to three or four working days to process and discuss your application with the property owner.  This is based on making successful contact with references.  


Successful applicants will be required to sign a lease as soon as convenient, generally within three business days.  You are required to have the following payments:

Security Deposit (bank cheque or money order preferred) – To be made out to the RTBA (Residential Tenancies Bond Authority)

First month’s rent.  We will provide you with details about the tenancy, your rights and responsibilities, maintenance procedures and the condition report.

Rental payment methods

We have some simple options to pay rent.  The most common method is for tenants to automatically credit monies into our Trust Account using a property reference.  Centrepay is also a common option which works in conjunction with PH Property.

Please note we do not accept cash on our premises.